Nobody School: Diary of a Reluctant Healer | The 12 Universal Episodes

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Break Free from Everyday Addictions & Reclaim Your Authentic Self: A Reluctant Healer's Guide

A soul trapped in its own illusion of separation must forget its true nature to remember its power... Discover the universal story structure that shapes our lives and guides us back to wholeness.

The Struggle: We live in a culture that encourages quick fixes and distractions. Everyday addictions (social media, overthinking, approval-seeking, etc.) numb us out and keep us from connecting with our true purpose. You crave a deeper understanding of why you keep sabotaging your happiness.

The Solution: The Nobody School approach reveals the hidden patterns behind everyday addictions and offers a path to self-understanding and liberation. Through my personal journey – shared in "The Diary of a Reluctant Healer" – I'll guide you through the Four Acts & 12 Episodes of your life's story, helping you rewrite the ending.

My background in shamanism and screenwriting informs a unique framework, combining the power of storytelling with shamanic wisdom to help you understand and rewrite your life's narrative.

What You'll Gain:

  • Awareness: Identify the subtle addictions that keep you stuck and numbed out.
  • Understanding: Recognize how these addictions mask deeper anxieties and unmet needs.
  • Tools for Change: Discover practical tools and insights to break free from self-sabotage and find greater fulfillment.
  • Connection to Purpose: Begin uncovering your unique dharma and live a more aligned, soul-centered life.
  • Uncover Your Story: Discover the Four Act & 12 Universal Episodes structure woven within your own life, revealing the deeper purpose behind your struggles and triumphs.

Hello, Oriya Here, Your Guide:

I traded a high-tech career for a journey utilizing psychedelics to engineer consciousness. I thought I'd found my path, but I was only digging deeper into the "somebody" trap. Through a decade of research, I found the universal beats mirroring my own struggles. The 12 Episodes unlocked my transformation, and they can awaken yours.

Your Transformation Toolbox

  • Nobody School Foundations: Explore the core concepts that shape your journey.
  • Diary of a Reluctant Healer: 12 audio episodes where I share my own story, guiding you through the Nobody School framework.
  • Inner Reflection: Exercises to personalize the teachings and unlock your own inner wisdom.

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Excerpt from Episode 4

"My biggest supporter confronted me. 'You're just a pawn in a drug dealing network,' he warned. I had just moved to New York City with my pregnant fiancee. Am I a healer, or am I fooling myself?"

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Nobody School: Diary of a Reluctant Healer | The 12 Universal Episodes

0 ratings